Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Water-Saving Meatloaf

Nu, you must be wondering what water has to do with meatloaf.  It's not an ingredient in a standard meatloaf, certainly not in my recipe!

Simple!  Washing dishes uses up a lot of water, so the fewer dishes you have to wash the less water you're going to use.  There is a dangerous drought here in the HolyLand.

So, how is this meatloaf, which I served last Shabbat when we had guests, water-saving?

Simple, it was mixed, baked and served in the same pretty, oven-proof baking pan.  It's a very easy, no fuss recipe.  Warning: I never measure, because it really doesn't matter.  This version is perfect for celiacs and low-carb dieters, since there's neither matzah meal nor bread crumbs.

Mix all this in your baking pan:
  • 500 grams or about a pound of chopped meat, poultry or combination. (Of course you can make more or less depending on your pan)
  • chopped up onion
  • a couple of spoons of tomato paste, to taste* (but don't taste the raw meat.  To taste* means what your family likes)
  • an egg
  • any other spices like garlic, parsley, oregano etc, to taste*
Bake in a hotter than for cake oven until it looks ready, brown on top and concentrated in center away from the edges.


Hasya Ya'ara said...

Oh, I love meat loaf. It's comfort food. Cannot get better than that.

Hasya Ya'ara

Batya said...

Really, that's good. Do you make it like I do?