Sunday, November 14, 2010


I'm not a twenty or a teen
It's quite a while since I have been
One of those yet I can't wait
To see the amazing stuff I can create!

by Tirtza

Yes!  Tirtza has won a free copy of Kosher by Design Teens & 20-Somethings: cooking for the next generation by Susie Fishbein.    Mazal tov!!

It's a wonderful book, and I'm sure you'll enjoy using it at home.

Those of you who didn't win can buy it discounted. My readers receive a 10% discount on Teens and 20-Somethings and free shipping (in Cont. U.S.) on their entire ArtScroll order when they enter the coupon code KBDBLOG at checkout. Please click here and fill in the coupon code KBDBLOG to get the discount.