Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Search of the 00 WC

Last week when walking in Jerusalem one evening, I realized that finding a 00 WC would be a good idea, or I'd have to take a bus to my destination, even though I had time for a walk.  Suddenly I realized/remembered that the Mamilla Mall was just ahead and they had "facilities."  So, I went in.

I'd been to the Mamilla Mall before and certainly knew where the 00 WC was, but it wasn't. I walked up and down the "street" between the stores... yes, starting to panic.  I finally asked for help and was told that it was in the "Gap," yes the branch of the American store.

It's like a mall within the mall with a number of tempting stores, tempting for those with both time and money.  I followed the signs and found this one:
The toilets are locked
You must go up a floor
Our apologies
So, I went up.

There I was greeted by another sign:
The toilets are locked
Temporarily for cleaning
Our Apologies
Nu, this wasn't good, so I went back to the first one, and then back again. Maybe the cleaning was finished.  Nope.

Then a worker pointed to another sign:
Toilets W.C.
Floor -2

Finally, I was greeted by the least comfortable toilet seat ever designed:

I kid you not.  Yes, it's a rectangular seat.  It must have been invented by a man!


Anonymous said...

Please do not complain, often the seats are missing. That is really uncomfortable!

The Real Jerusalem Streets

Batya said...

been there, done that
but a rectangle!?

Hadassa said...

I haven't seen a toilet like that since I was a little girl. I can't remember where I was, but I'm glad I haven't seen one since!

Batya said...

Those are what you get in the Mamilla Mall, at least in the main 00's. Some of the large restaurants have their own, but I don't know the shape. The rectangles are dangerous for very young kids to sit on, because they are so wide.