Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Maybe It's The Plastic Surgery...

Jennifer Grey is missing something, besides PATRICK SWAYZE, who was the partner who brought out the best, more than just the dancing. Here are some of her very recent winning "Dancing With The Stars" dances. Afterwards, I'll show you her very best, from "Dirty Dancing."

I can't find the embedded link to the whole thing. So click here.  Following is an excerpt.

From what I can see, her face is all stiff and puffed up from surgeries.  In Dirty Dancing it wasn't just the great dancing, it was the acting, too.  Her face was amazingly expressive.  Now she looks like a cartoon animation.  And there's no chemistry between her and her partner.

If I look my age, fine.  I'd rather look old with a living face than look like someone pasted plastic on my neck.

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