Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Not Read and Listen...?

There's always something to read and listen to on the internet.  Sitting here in the den at the computer isn't quite like curling up on the couch with a book, magazine or newspaper, but...

Michael sent me a notice that after multiple health issues, he's putting out the Gantseh Megillah again.

When I'm checking the blogs, internet etc I listen to shiurim from Matan.  Some are free.  Others you have to pay for.  I'm taking three Matan courses in the Jerusalem branch every Wednesday.  The level of Women's Torah learning is the highest ever.  The women who give Tanach (Bible) classes in English also teach in Hebrew, which shows that the level in Matan is the same in both languages.  As part of the Al HaPerek course, an interactive, self-study Bible Course, I've heard Hebrew classes, and they aren't any more intellectually stimulating than the English ones.

Not all Torah-committed women are willing to keep to the traditional roles.  Risa blogs about it.

Chaviva's visiting Israel, but I don't think we'll manage a f2f.

Heshy has been blogging about marriage (comments are gross) and now I think his problem is that he's mixing with the wrong type of women, wrong for him at least.

Parenting isn't always easy.  New teaching methods make math in mamaland quite a challenge.

This year's drought seems even worse than the previous ones.  The Rabbinate has declared special prayers and a fast today.  Why hasn't the entire Jewish World at least added prayers?

On with my day...


Jennifer in MamaLand said...

My favourite Internet Torah audio of all time is Phil Chernofsky, straight from the heart of Yerushalayim into my living room!

I am laughing, though, because the "new teaching methods" in the Miquon books bear a copyright date of 1964.

Mrs S commented a while ago that these methods were actually popular in Israel in the 70s; now, they're enjoying a major resurgence here among homeschoolers.

As my mother would say, and often does, everything old is new again!!!

Batya said...

Jennifer, that's "new math," according to my calendar.
Mrs S from what I've seen, nothing beats old methods like an abacus.

Risa said...

Some of my kids used that math system. By the time my youngest was in school it had gone out of style. When any of them had trouble with any math stuff I would say "that's how they do it in school but let me show how my father taught me" and then do it the way my father did it (especially long division!). Maybe there is something genetic here but it worked for me and for the most part worked for them!

Batya said...

Risa, we learned the real stuff, and it always works.

Mrs. S. said...

@Risa - especially long division!
The "new" system of teaching long division is one of my pet peeves. IMNSHO, it's completely worthless. If it wasn't for my showing them at home, none of our older kids (including the ones who later went on to do physics and five-point math in high school) would've been able to do long division by the time they finished elementary school.

Hadassa said...

Math in Israel: I pity children whose parents can't or don't teach them multiplication tables and long division. They won't learn them in school!

Concerning Risa's blog, every woman, and in fact, every man too!, should ask herself: Am I learning leshem shamayim (for the sake of Heaven) or for ulterior motives? Is my learning adversely affecting my family, or strengthening it? Are my actions within halacha or am I pushing limits for the sake of pushing limits? Western feminism has made dangerous inroads into serious learning, which is a shame because it casts a suspicion on all higher learning for women.

Batya said...

My most math-talented child had horrendous problems in school, because the level was low and bored her silly until she slept through the lessons. She actually failed the math part of the hs entrance exam and needed tutoring. We fought the school for years to get her out of 3 points.
Hadassa, I love the learning in Matan. I have no desire to take on public roles in t'fillot, besides what I do at Tel Shiloh. And I also refuse to leave dovening early to set up the kiddush.

Chaviva said...

We'll be here until Sunday morning! There *must* be a way. I've met so many e-friends IRL this week already!

Batya said...

I'll fb you now.