Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Been A Bit Busy

Yesterday, my daughter had to visit her work place for a meeting, and I tagged along as babysitter.  For some reason, I suddenly felt that I had forgotten something.  I became convinced that the sources I had "copy/pasted" for my Al HaPerek group hadn't been sent right.  Early in the morning I got a note that I had send an empty letter, no file.  I panicked.  So, my daughter arranged that I could use a computer, which is how I commented and posted without obeying the laws of English capitalization, becaue it's hard to type correctly with one hand, especially after almost fifty years of proper, though not always accurate touch-typing.  I was relieved to discover that I had sent out the correct file.

After that (babysitting in the law office) I made my way to my eldest daughter's place to rest up before... going to my baby's surprise party at the best kosher sports bar & grill in Jerusalem.  As I walked to the bus stop, I realized that I was starving, and I had better find some food.  I decided that the best deal would be a felafel, even though it's served on pita and has felafel balls, more carbohydrates than I eat in a week.  I rationalized that I'd been walking a lot, and I couldn't afford anything else.  I ate in the veteran (across the street from the original location) Shalom Felefel.

Then I got to my daughter's place, rested, relaxed and dressed for the party.  I had a late dinner at HaGov.  I ordered their Chicken Salad.  This is nothing like the American chicken salad I remember from my youth in mid-twentieth century America, which looked like tuna salad.  This HaGov meal is great!  It's normally served with bread, so I requested that they serve it sans bread.

Then this morning, after sleeping at my daughter's place, I had my Matan classes, and I needed breakfast. I quickly checked prices after walking to Emek Refaim and decided that Holy Bagel had the best deal.

It was OK, not great, but I didn't want too much food.  I had half the bagel, because the egg was served on it.  I had been thinking of not touching it.  I was curious, since I'm a bit of a bagel maven.  It was too soft and fluffy.  The crust looked genuine, but this wasn't the bagel of my youth or The Bagel House, where I had once worked.  A little trivia, Holy Bagel owners bought The Bagel House and after getting some experience, changed the name.  The salads were fine, but the omelet wasn't made from two eggs.  A premade egg "mush" was measured and poured.  It's a bit salty.  This technique must be popular in fast food places.  I requested a large coffee instead of juice and small coffee and I think I paid extra.  Even worse, I asked how much an extra coffee would cost me, like refilling the coffee cup, a popular breakfast special.  The guy said it would cost me another ns10.  Much too much money, so I didn't get any.  I needed another large coffee, but I couldn't afford to buy it.  If I had wanted to pay ns45 or more for breakfast I would have gone to a better place.  Including tip, I spent ns40, less than anything else on the street.  I didn't need the jam and cheeses the restaurants offered with the eggs omelet and salad.  If you're looking for the cheapest, the meal is fine.  Most other places were close to ns50 and more with the tip.

I had a great time in Matan studying and made the bus that goes up to my house.

As soon as I got on the bus, I realized what I had really forgotten, my keys.  They weren't in my bag.  Never dull...

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