Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Nu, For This I Made Aliyah

My parents always wondered what happened with me, their America failure who not only rejected "America first" and accepted ancient Jewish Laws and restrictions but moved to Israel with my husband immediately after our wedding.  So, nu, how did my Shiloh born and bred son become a tackle football player?  I don't know.  My father and brother didn't even watch the game, although many cousins on my mother's side were/are great fans and even played.

He davka plays in Jerusalem where games have their very unique atmosphere.
There's a carnival atmosphere as you can imagine.  Some young, attractive women displayed this sign.  No, that's not my son mentioned in the sign, but the team, Big Blue is his.

Here I am with the "latest member of the family."  I must blog about how she, seriously injured, searched Jerusalem for the most sympathetic and handsome young man and chose my other son, greeting him at his door one morning.  So, of course, he took her for medical care and allowed her to adopt him.

AFI's Kraft stadium is all set up for the media, very impressive.  And did I mention the most important thing?


Sheva said...

lol I didn't even know they had the American type of football, not the soccer kind, in Israel

Batya said...

Sheva, we have everything in Israel! for good and for bad

Hadassa said...

If it's good exercise and the kids exhibit good sportsmanship, why not? I'm opposed to professional sports (waste of time, money and encourages couch-potatoness in the spectators), but kids playing for the exercise and a bit of fun - to me that's a healthy body for a healthy mind.
Go Big Blue!

Batya said...

thanks, good points
teamwork and sportsmanship are part of derech eretz