Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just Follow Me!

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned that I'm tutoring a kid in Gilo, which has necesitated my getting to know an entirely new neighborhood in Jerusalem.  It also means that I've gotten to know buses and various routes, by bus, to the CBS Central Bus Station and home.

Last night I was finally getting on bus #1 of the trip, the #71, when I heard:
"Does this bus go to the Central Bus Station?"
"No, wait for the #31."
Never one to leave mistakes uncorrected.  I turnd to the woman and said:
"Just follow me."
She did and we proceded to spend the entire almost one hour trip becoming instant best friends.  By the time we got off at the bus staion, after changing buses on King George Street, we learned a lot about each other.  But we didn't learn each other's names.  She was happy  that I had helped her get to the bus station, and I was glad not to have traveled myself, all alone.  I doubt if I'll ever see her again, but I enjoyed seeing my new knowledge help another person, we did have a pleasant ride together.

It was certainly more fun than sitting alone in a car.


Hadassa said...

When in Israel, as long as you are in a safe situation, never pass up the chance to speak to a total stranger. I could bore even the most eager listener with stories of what I've learned talking to fellow travelers, people waiting in line, etc.

Batya said...

There are times like that evening when a chat like that makes time fly so pleasantly.