Saturday, November 06, 2010

Totally Amazing, Thank G-d!

Now, I ask you something, a Shabbat question:
On Shabbat if all of your home fuses were to "pop" and you could choose one fuse to stay on, which would you choose?

That's a no-brainer for sure, right.  You'd say:
"Keep the refrigerator on, and if the electric platter and urn are on the same one, even better." 

Nu, right?   Wouldn't you say that, espcially if we're talking about Friday night, just after finishing the Shabbat evening meal?  I left out something.  We had a guest, a sleep-over guest.

Do you believe in G-d? in miracles?

Well, did you guess it?  That's exactly what happened.  We were all finished eating and had left the table when--

No light except for the one over the dairy sink and the emergency one in the far corridor.  I could see that electricity was going into the TV, the urn was on, the fridge was making noise and the platta was hot.

So, we took the hint and went to bed early.  I kept thanking G-d for the miracle, and as soon as Shabbat was out I checked the fuse box, flipped the switches and turned on the computer.

Shavua Tov and Chodesh Tov
Have a Good Month and Good Week


Mrs. S. said...

May this be a month full of miracles and wonders!

Shavua tov and chodesh tov!

rickismom said...

Lucky you!

Batya said...

yes, amazing
Baruch Hashem!

Hadassa said...

I wholeheartedly recommend the blech. Yes, that old-fashioned flat sheet of metal, now bent to cover the modern gas knobs. After our entire neighborhood was without electricity for an entire Shabbat and our electric platter cord frayed we bought a blech from our ever collecting neighbor. It's great for holidays: I cook and then cover the flame for the rest of the day. When Shabbat follows the holiday it's very convenient.

Batya said...

Wouldn't we need a large gas cannister, instead of the small ones?

Hadassa said...

I wouldn't know. We've always used big gas canisters. But I can't imagine that even a small canister would be used for one Shabbat. I haven't done a cost analysis either, but we have had the blech for many months and we haven't had to change the canisters noticeably more frequently.

Batya said...

could be
I don't use much gas