Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dieting for Two

For the past two years, I've been blogging about my eating changes aka Public Diet which has resulted in a net loss of about fifteen (15)  kilo or over thirty pounds, 30 lbs.  There's nothing extreme in how I eat, and technically I'm still "overweight," though no longer obese.  Even though I've been the same weight for over a year, I'm still stopped by friends and neighbors gushing oodles of compliments.  I now dress like an always slim person which is probably why people think that I've lost more weight.

What do I mean by an "always slim person?"  Before I got fat, I wore fitted clothes, except when pregnant.  And after all five births I left the hospital (a couple of days after giving birth) in regular clothes, belted waists.  That's the real me. 
After those belted clothes no longer fit I began changing my wardrobe into a fat lady one, hiding my body under large tunics and sweaters.  They weren't tight, so I didn't feel like I had outgrown them, but the bulk actually made me look even heavier.  I've been gradually replacing my wardrobe, and bartering with a neighbor who paid me back by taking in some of my best clothes.  I must be doing something right, because I still get compliments, even though I've been the same basic weight for over a year.

OK, now, back to the title.  What do I mean by "dieting for two?"  I've done some diet coaching and am always looking for clients.  Now I have a new one, my husband.  He was told by his doctor to lose some weight, sent to a dietician and then handed me the instructions.  It's not the same food plan I'm on, but I market myself as a diet coach who can make any diet doable.

A diabetic friend (male) spent a Shabbat with us recently, just after my husband got those orders.  He said that I must take charge.  "Men can't follow diets without major help."  His sister-in-law does that for his brother, and it works.  So, now I pack my husband's food and snacks before he leaves for work, and he calls me to ask what he can eat when there's nothing prepared.

We still have another couple of weeks before the first "weigh-in" at the dietician's office.  To be continued...


Mrs. S. said...

בהצלחה to both of you!

Batya said...


Anonymous said...

I am impressed

Batya said...

Now that I've been in diet mode for two years, it's easier than I could ever have imagined. But you have to see is as a permanent change.