Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Trolley's in Pisgat Zeev

Jerusalem's lightrail can be found on practice runs throughout its route.

Here it is in Pisgat Ze'ev last Tuesday.  I noticed the lightrail moving after leaving the Pisgat Ze'ev Mall, after finally buying the baby an outfit her mother and sisters approved of.  I got it in a Golf Infant store.  It's amazing that although it's a chain, each store has such a different selection.  I had bought the original and rejected one in the Malcha Mall.  The saleswoman in Talpiyot told me that the outfit I had gotten was from their Rosh Hashanna "collection."  That's why I couldn't find the "tights" in the size I wanted and got larger ones. My friend and I measured them against "smaller" bottoms and realized that because they were made to stretch, they wouldn't look too big on the baby.


Hadassah said...

I hope the light rail will be faster than that!

Batya said...