Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And I Had Thought It Would Be So Easy...

Last week my daughter mentioned that she'd like the baby to have something new and special to "wear at her party."  She asked that I do the shopping and she'd pay, since I have the time sans money.

What fun!  What could be better than shopping for a frilly little baby outfit?  Jerusalem is full of baby clothes stores, I could see all those shop windows I generally avoid because they're too tempting.  Now would be my chance to go in and get something really special.

In the end, I thought I was in an episode of Twilight Zone.  Most of the stores had disappeared or no longer had infant sections.  And when I found baby clothes, they all looked like pyjamas.  And I had orders to get "something that looks like a dress, not pyjamas!"  I even tried the "chain stores," which  had the most boring selections, davka, each branch a different selection.  And I even went into a fancy store where I had gotten something special for the eldest.

After going through all of downtown Jerusalem and the Malcha Mall I found what I considered an adorable outfit.  On my way home, my daughter met the bus in Ofra and I handed her the package through the backdoor.  Then my phone rang:
"You got the wrong size and the colors aren't flattering."
"Oops!  I knew I should have had more to eat and drink.  But those were the only colors they were selling, pale pink and weak brown."
So the next day (yesterday) I went to Jerusalem via Ofra and picked up the outfit.  I visited more branches of "Golf Infant" and found a different outfit, davka, in the Pisgat Ze'ev Mall. On my way home, again I passed the package through the backdoor in Ofra.  Then the phone rang:
"This one is much better, thanks!"

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