Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Even Better Salad Deal for A Great Lunch!

Not long ago, I blogged about the best lunch deal, a ns20- salad at the Israel Center.

Last week my friend and I, who had found a reasonable lunch on Emek Refaim, met again, though this time in the Talpiyot industrial/commercial area. We went to the Achim Yisrael shopping mall so I could try one more place for the perfect baby outfit. And of course, we had to eat lunch. My friend was certain that we'd do better out of the mall. And we did!

At "Habba," we were able to choose from a great variety of foods until the container was pretty full. It also came with a fresh roll, since Habba is a bakery. We didn't eat our rolls, but I took them home for my husband and froze them. And the price for these delicious and filling salads were all of NS20 each!
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