Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not Another Boring Circuit...

Even before I lost weight I walked a lot.  I make a great effort to walk everyday.  My neighborhood is a perfect walking track.  The long version is over a kilometer, about a mile, so I consider two ciruits minimum for days I'm not hiking around Jerusalem.  Granted, that's bupkes, small potatotes compared to what the real fitness freaks do.  I'm not a fitness freak. 

Yesterday was an "at home" day.  That meant that I had to walk.  I just couldn't bear the thought of two solitary circuits or even one of my action "chats" with a friend instead of over coffee and cake around the neighborhood.  Mid-morning I called up my chief walking partner:
"I need to take a walk."
"Me, too."
"I  really  don't feel like walking around the neighborhood."
"Same here."
"How about walking to and from Shvut Rachel?" (That's the community just east of us, a kilometer's distance of gentle hills on an unpaved road.)

And that's what we did!

Over thirty years ago when we started looking for a yishuv to make our home, I was turned off by those that looked like small walled ghettos.  I felt claustrophobic.  I wanted a community where I could walk and not feel fenced in.  Modern Shiloh isn't walled in, and that's one of the reasons I felt so at home here from my very first visit.


rickismom said...

Other ideas for boring circuits:
-Walk your regular walk in the opposite direction
-buy a downloadable book to listen to only when walking
-music (if aerobic-style, it helps keep you going.....)

Batya said...

rm, I vary directions and sometimes even vary it more. If I meet someone walking in the other direction, I'll join. I don't have mp3 or any of those listening things.