Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm A Super-Klutz in Comparison

I've always loved to dance.  My specialties are/were Modern and Israeli Folk Dance.  I first started taking dancing lessons when I was three from Mrs. Sullivan who lived a few blocks away.  That was in Bayside, NY.  I studied with her for four years, two years "Rhythm," then a year of tap and a year of ballet.  Ballet wasn't my thing.  I don't know why I wasn't signed on to continue there, but about a year after I stopped I started Hebrew School.  That was three days a week including Sunday.  That's where I started learning Israeli Folk Dance; some I remember to this day.  Later on I took more Modern and Creative Dance, plus some choreography and "movement."

I've also taught dance and exercise and the forerunner of Aerobic exercise.  I never went beyond the "ballet" I learned as a six year old.  It doesn't suit my body, even when my body was much younger, flexible and thinner than it is now. 

I'm glad my mother didn't push me into ballet.  I would have hated dancing, because I would have been awful at it.  But I can still watch it, especially this amazingly athletic, gymnastic version of Swan Lake, which a friend sent to me.

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