Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Little of This and A Little of That

Shabbat was nice, a Bar Mitzvah in the shul, nice shiur nashim, mostly good news... 

I can hear the Man of La Mancha song, "A Little Gossip," from the album we had when I was a kid.  After I wrote the post's title I decided that I must post the song.  All I found was this guy's audition.  I wonder if he got the role.

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What one doesn't do for one's kids...

Many of us have kids who are our "opposites."  I was terrified of dogs, cats, birds etc as a kids.  I still freak out around birds and hate having them fly around over my head, but I trained myself out of my dog and cat phobias.  I also have a fear of heights, especially when it comes to walking down anything less stable than stairs with railings.  My older son is my total opposite.  He's totally confident and loving with all animals and can hike, trek, climb up and down without fear.

He's studying to be a "dog psychologist," "family therapist including the dog" or "dog whisperer."  It's a real profession, more than just a dog trainer.  Yesterday before Shabbat he asked me if we still had our World Book.  He remembers the pages with all the dog breeds and hasn't found anything comparable online.  So when I finish my usual Saturday night post-Shabbat computer stuff, I'm going to scan the dog article and send it to him.

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