Thursday, May 14, 2009

Waiting for The Deluge

Last time I hosted Havel Havelim, I was certain that I had almost completed the job a day early, just like now, and then suddenly late Thursday and Friday, lots and lots of links flooded my mailbox, the deluge. I wonder if it will happen this time.

And now, I really ought to wash the dishes. I still haven't started the Shabbat cooking. Friday's a long day; I don't have to rush. But I like to start on Thursday to avoid the pressure.


Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Muse,

I was stunned and delighted to see your post this morning. You knew Bob! I would have never dreamed to have a comment from a long ago friend and family connection from his time in Isreal. I'm so glad you visited.

Bob and I worked together for 18 years, from the time he started working in the Music Department at CSU, Stanislaus. He was my son's bassoon teacher for 8 of those years. Quanah lives in Oregon now but had the blessing of being able to see Bob about six weeks before he passed away. At that time, we were all so hopeful of his recovery mainly because Bob himself rarely, if ever, took the negative road.

Warm wishes,

Batya said...

Annie, so nice to meet you!
Annie, I knew Bobby my entire childhood. OK, he probably never spoke to me as a peer until we were saw each other in Israel. I'm his sister's age, 4 years younger, and 4 years for kids is a lifetime.
I'll continue more to your email.

Anonymous said...

That's one of te reasons I have never volunteered to do HH (last minute flooding).
Good luck with it and your Shabbat cooking.
Shabbat Shalom.

Batya said...

For some unexpected reason, it has been light so far. Though 9 just came in as I was taking a walk.

I'm not cooking much, no guests. Fleishig was done yesterday.

Ilana-Davita, did you recognize Annie who commented above. She participates in the same photo stuff you do.