Friday, May 01, 2009

Dieting Irony

Davka, just as I discovered how badly some of my newer clothes fit, due to weight loss, the scale showed a shocking change. It went up, my weight, that is. Certain that it was some sort of fluke, the next day I weighed myself again, and the number was even higher.

Over and over in my mind, I've gone over the foods I've eaten the past week, and I can't figure out what's wrong. Maybe I haven't snacked enough or exercised. I could have eaten too much protein. I don't weigh my food. For five months, the weight went off steadily. Maybe one week didn't show a weight loss, but there had never been a gain.

Yesterday, I spoke to Yehudit, my coach, and she suggested that I stay away from the scale for at least two weeks. I hope I can wait that long. Considering that prior to the diet, I hadn't weighed myself for about twenty years, I hope to succeed in being patient.

In the interim, I'll try to exercise a bit more and pay more attention to portion size. Luckily the frozen salmon I had in the freezer and now cooked is in much smaller pieces than the fish I had been eating. I had noticed the large size, but I didn't think it would make a big difference. One of the general principles in controlling one's weight is that everything makes a difference, and that includes stress.

It's time to buy this summer's tickets to New York, and I have to find another travel agent. Veteran readers of this blog may remember that I had written the same thing last year. In the end we used the old agent, and he fouled up big by not notifying us about our return flights being cancelled. The El Al office insisted that our agent had been notified. I think that the guy doesn't read his emails. He had never replied to any of mine; all communication was by phone. So the time has come to find someone else.

Yes, stress, but G-d willing...

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
May You Have A Peaceful and Blessed Sabbath


S Blumberg said...

i have a great travel agent in ny. they have excellent service. Perfect Travel 212-840-6777

S Blumberg said...

btw- i realized i never actually commented on your blog. it's great! I too am on a weight loss journey right now. keep up the good work!

Batya said...

Shani, thanks so much.
I see that it's a NY number. I need to use someone in Israel.
Shabbat Shalom!