Monday, May 18, 2009

I Could Have Admired Myself All Day

I don't think anything like that ever happened to me.

I went to the Dorin Frankfort store to get my "complimentary birthday gift." They were all out, but I looked at the sales items, since the birthday discount is added to the sales discount.

I tried on a skirt, which fit so perfectly, I was totally amazed. I can't remember ever having such a well-fitted well-made skirt before. I can now see how my 10 kilo plus (23 pound) weight loss has changed my body.

I almost bought it. Yes, almost. It's a winter skirt, and I hope to be even slimmer next winter. And this is the sort of skirt which has to fit. So I left it, sadly and happily and confident and optimistic that if I had bought it, it would be a mistake.

Yes, I must never revert back to my old eating habits. This isn't some "diet." It's a better way of eating.

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