Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wishy-Washy Published

For sure the Jerusalem Post letter editors changed things a bit and left out the pictures, but they published my letter here.
Sir, - Yes, it's about time we conserved water seriously ("New regulations for watering lawns," May 5). Successive governments have lowered the Kinneret's "red line" much lower than it should be.
But recommendations like "make your showers two minutes shorter" are terribly "wishy-washy." People can't judge such a thing. They should be told to use a timer to time their showers to three minutes maximum, and turn off the water while soaping. (Dishes, too.) That would save a lot of water.
Last week in Jerusalem, I photographed two people using a high-pressure water hose for cleaning. I posted it on YouTube.


They also deleted the link to my youtube. I wonder if anyone will find it. At least they spelled my name right.


Anonymous said...

Great initiative Batya and I am glad they published your letter.

Batya said...

B"H, thanks ilanadavita, another reason to have a camera all the time.

Leora said...

It's good you tried, or else you would never have even gotten that much in!

I wish I could send you some water in a package. We had a lot last week.

How about that desalinization research? You've got a lot of Mediterranean water at your disposal.

Batya said...

Leora, you can hydrate me this summer, G-d willing, when I get to the states.

Knowing the Israeli mentality they'd just waste more.