Sunday, May 31, 2009

DovBear Discovers Modern JBlogging!

The infamous DovBear's last Havel Havelim was over two hundred (200) editions ago.

Drum roll, please!

With fond memories of the old blog carnival hosting techniques, he kvetches about blog carnival's service. Well, my dear DB, I also hosted in the olden days. Soccer Dad used to send me letters with a handful or even a dozen links to blog posts he was certain (and usually right) that I had missed. I think I was the first to request a Friday deadline for the Sunday publication. It would drive me crazy that just when I "finished," Sunday morning Israel time, bloggers in the Americas, thinking that it was just Saturday night, would flood my mailbox and make me add their posts.
In the old days, there was "Conservative Cat," if I remember rightly, who forwarded the posts to the various carnival hosts.
I wonder what happened to Mirty, the Baleboosteh and Mr. Bagel Blogger among others...
Oh, yes, don't forget to check out HH #219! It's very DovBear.

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