Tuesday, May 05, 2009

One Of My Little Shiloh Stories

Today, at the last stage of my trip home from babysitting for the grandkids, I had one of those "Shiloh experiences."

A neighborhood neighbor and I got off the bus and started schlepping up the hill home. Right in the middle of the steepest part of the climb we saw a neighbor form the lower neighborhood. He's a real gentleman and offered us a ride the rest of the way up. My friend had to give him a message, so we took the ride.

The neighbor with the car owns a hat store. Now, many people will know who he is. As we got out, I asked if he's selling any inexpensive hats with rims, broad enough to shade my face.
"Actually, I just picked some up and have them in the trunk."
"Not expensive, please."

And then he took out a bag of gorgeous sun hats and told us the price, so reasonable that we both bought hats!


Mrs. S. said...

Nice story! I always enjoy giving business to our neighbors...

Keli Ata said...

Very sweet story, and your neighbor sounds very sweet too!

I try to shop in the local business district at smaller neighborhood stores. Better prices and the personal attention and overall atmosphere can't be beat.

Batya said...

Mrs. s, keli, thanks,
I also like to patronize real people and not chains. I'm debating about how to get my flight booked because of that. I blogged about it.