Friday, May 15, 2009

Did I Medicate Incorrectly?

After three days of antibiotics, I still cough and my voice got weaker for awhile. OK, my throat doesn't hurt.

I rushed for the antibiotics, because my husband had something that the doctors (two) said looked bacterial. He has since recovered and is still taking his extra strong antibiotics.

It could be that my body was attacked by both a virus and a bacteria. That happens, so I'm continuing with the antibiotics, since stopping mid-treatment is most dangerous. That's how bacteria become immune to antibiotics. I figure that it has been so many, many years since I've taken them, that it's OK this time.

Of course, life isn't like one of those computer games where you can go back a step and start over to see what would happen.


Annie Jeffries said...

Good morning from California. Hope I see you writing soon about feeling much better. Be well, Annie.

Jew Wishes/Lorri said...

I hope you begin to feel better.

Thoughts to you.

Shabbat Shalom.

Batya said...

Annie and Lorri, Thanks so much. Thank G-d, on the whole I'm feeling better, but I get these spasms of coughing. Very unpleasant.

Could be worse...