Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stretching Out The Big 6

We have to take advantage of every excuse to celebrate, and I'll be dragging out my 60th for another few weeks.

Generally, we consider each birthday to have a season which spans the days between the Jewish and goyish birthdays, but since I'll be in New York soon and then, only when I return, will my kids be making me a party here, this significant milestone will be a good month or more long. Why not? My birthday is pretty much ignored most years, so now we'll make up for it.

Yesterday, my best friend from high school, who's here visiting, took me out for a treat.

This giant balloon wasn't part of the celebrations, but let's pretend it was!

We went to the "Hyatt" Regency Spa in French Hill. My gift was lunch and a massage. Their "business lunch" was a great bargain compared to downtown restaurant prices. We had a choice of salads, each large enough to be considered a meal. We both chose the same fish as main course. I asked that the "chips" be replaced by more salad. And for dessert there was a fruit salad, mostly cut up apples. We could also choose coffee, tea or juice.

Yes, it was fried fish, but the batter wasn't "bready." I removed most of it. Portions were very generous.

The only problem was the menu. You'd think that a fancy hotel would use a proof-reader for its menu.

The massage was great, and then we went to the "Turkish Bath," the jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. We also relaxed on special "couches." Only the "Turkish Bath" wasn't in the "Ladies Locker Room." I was well-covered by the complimentary robe I'd been lent for the massage. The swimming pools are "mixed," so it wasn't a swim day.

I had a great time. I should turn sixty more often!


tnspr569 said...

Happy birthday!

Batya said...

thanks, t.