Thursday, May 07, 2009

Busy Day, Tired, Thank G-d

In order to try to save money recently, I don't travel to Jerusalem as much. I've been going stir crazy being home. So, yesterday when I got a letter from the Bitu'ach Le'umi, National Insurance, formally informing me that I'm finished with my unemployment insurance, I considered it an invitation to go in and see what they can give me. I never even made it as far as a clerk. The woman at the "information" where they tell you on which line to stand told me to go home. My husband's income, even though it's less than before, is considered too much for the two of us to get anything from them.

I must find a way to make money.

Then I tried calling the guy who had driven me in to see if he could take me home, but I couldn't reach him. And I tried calling a friend who's staying in Jerusalem for the month, and couldn't reach him either. So, "plan C." I bought birthday cards for my mother and youngest daughter, called my son who's going to NY tonight and asked if I could drop them off at his apartment. I got to kiss him goodbye again. Then I walked to the bus station and went home.

And then, when I got to Shiloh I did the "Thursday evening shopping," even though it wasn't even 2pm. Then after doing a few things in the house I went out again. I walked all the way down almost to the Tel Shiloh, gave my friend more fabric I had bought for her to sew me a skirt and picked up a skirt which she had taken in and shortened. Then I walked back up too many stairs and got a ride from the stores to my corner.

I like these active days. Last night I didn't sleep enough. G-d willing, tonight I will.

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