Monday, May 11, 2009


A key to successful dieting is motivation. There are a couple of problems with my previous sentence.

What's "dieting?" Is it losing weight for a special occasion?
If so, then the special occasion is the motivation, and once it's over the weight will probably return "with interest," as the Hebrew saying goes.

That sort of dieting is just a temporary solution to a problem that may not be as big as the "dieter" perceives.

My gut feeling is that many people think that they can change their bodies, instead of eating more healthily and consider it an adventure to an unknown destination.

When I filled out the Start Fresh form, I had to name a number as a goal. If I really go in business as a diet coach, I'll probably forbid such a thing. I'll also forbid fixations with clothes sizes.

My emphasis for losing weight is health and being satisfied with the body G-d gave. By eating properly, one will eventually get to a healthy weight. It's just another of life's adventures.


rickismom said...

It could be they ask the question in order to spot possible anerexia.....or someone with unrealistic or unhealthy goals....

Batya said...

Maybe I'm just too much a people person. I did Start Fresh by internet, and I could have faked everything.
The women in my diet support group are mostly friends I've had for years. One is new.
Almost, or maybe, everyone has been to other diet groups and find me different. I look at the person not the number, and I want them to do what's good for their bodies, not focus on the scale. I may be the only once who has never been to any group. I don't like people trying to control myself. I'm innately anti-establishment.

S Blumberg said...

I think it's true that the key is motivation, however, not motivation towards a specific number or event. Motivation is sometimes required minute by minute to stay on a eating/exercise plan (not necessarily "diet"). If you're not motivated to be healthy then you might eat the doughnut or skip exercising because you lack the motivation at that moment. So yes, I do think motivation is the key to success.

Batya said...

Shani, Motivation is feeling better and losing weight and enjoying the food. Life changes must be liveable to be successful. That's how it's working for me. I really love cooked vegetables, and I can eat unlimited amounts according to Start Fresh, and I've lost weight.

S Blumberg said...

Yes, but sometimes the "healthy food" is not always what you want. You still need motivation to eat healthily, sometimes knowing that it's healthy is not enough. If you're not motivated to change your lifestyle it wont work. That was my point. The word motivation in itself is not evil. You need to be motivated (or else how did we get to be in the state of needing to lose weight to begin with?) to want to change. Sometimes we have an off day and don't feel motivated to carry out those life changes that the day before felt wonderful.

Batya said...

Yes, Shani, and I like the fact that there is research showing that we should take a "day off" every week to speed up our metabolism.