Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sorry, I Haven't "Visited" Much

Being Post-Havel Havelim and Blogging About Losing Weight in one week, I haven't done much blog visiting. So if you've noticed, you should understand that it's nothing personal. I was rather preoccupied with purchasing my tickets to NY and still recovering from being sick.

I'll be doing my Kibbud Av v'Em, Honoring my Father and Mother trip very stressfully soon. We may be bringing them here for their final days/years until 120. So if anyone has any real technical advice, like how much it really costs for the elderly here. What rent subsidy etc, health expenses etc, please let me know. Thanks

I've been very stressed out.

We had a busy Shabbat with married daughter and all the kiddies. Also, a neighbor turned 60 a couple of days after me, and we tried to celebrate together. His family really planned well, and they were very sweet to mention me, too. An added bonus was that Ezra Yachin and wife were in Shiloh for Jerusalem Day Shabbat celebrations. We've known him for years, since we were olim chadashim, new immigrants, and next year we celebrate forty years for that!


Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better.

Batya said...

Thank G-d, after another busy day!