Monday, May 25, 2009

Flying Low Carb?

Combining dieting and traveling is difficult. The little airline meals usually have a high carbohydrate content. I can't expect my 1/4 protein and 3/4 salad and cooked low carb and low fat vegetables from any of the kosher options, even on El Al.

I got my tickets through Zion Tours, and they sent me a letter reminding me that I could choose various food options, besides Glatt Kosher.

OK, besides the obvious "bring something from home," does anyone have any suggestions? I'm afraid of the vegetarian, because it may actually have even more carbs.


Emah S said...

Did u ask if lo-carb was an option? Maybe go Gluten-free? Tell them you're allergic to break out in FAT!!! haha

Batya said...

Thanks, good idea!