Sunday, May 31, 2009

So, Boyle's #2

No real surprise that Susan Boyle, the surprising singing sensation only made it to second place in the You've Got Talent final. In the American version, the long-time front runner also lost.
For Boyle, no doubt that her present fame is already far beyond what she could have expected. She is more famous than the winning group.
I don't know if singing a different song would have raised her score enough to get first prize. In terms of a future career, a limited repertoire is restricting.
Seabiscuit didn't win every race, but that didn't diminish his legend.


personal trainer new orleans said...

“The best people won,” Susan remarked. She was very gracious.

Batya said...

I have no doubt that she was gracious, and being runner up is a great honor, too.