Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How Was I Supposed To Know?

Today I went to Jerusalem for a morning of Bible Study in Matan. Recent graduates of their degree course gave us lessons. I'll write more about the content on Shiloh Musings.

Since I'd studied there this year, the trip seems much easier. When I went to class, I'd leave Shiloh on the 6:30 bus and then catch the #49 at the corner of Ramat Eshkol/Ammunition Hill. After that I'd walk about six minutes.

Today, I left a bit later and got to the #49 bus stop just after 8m, and I waited and waited and waited. At one point I was the only one waiting, and that's when I began to suspect something was wrong. It's too popular a bus for nobody else to need it.

The I asked someone:
"You missed the last bus."
"Last bus?"
"Yes, it only runs until 8am."
"Why isn't there a sign?"

How was I supposed to know? I had already wasted over a half an hour. So I put away my bus ticket and took, out money for a "transfer," so I could take two buses.

I only lost time...

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