Friday, May 08, 2009

Is "Frugal" Really The Best Way To Fly?

We've always given our travel business to human agents, but this year, since I promised myself that I wouldn't return to ours, I've been in a dilemma. Should I take another agent, or should I "first time it" on the internet?

Usually, I just give my agent dates and he'd come up with something. Then, sometimes I'd ask if he couldn't find it a bit cheaper, and then I'd get a "less convenient and less desired and less expensive" flight. Otherwise, I'd just trust that I could trust him.

Just now I read the "frugal traveler" column in the New York Times, and the writer says that it's important to research on the internet to find the best deals.

Yesterday I did it and found it frustrating to discover that if I picked different dates I could save money. And possibly if I waited they'd have bargains for July, but is that a good idea, considering the risk that the prices may go up?

This isn't good from my peace of mind.

Years ago, I paid for the El Al Matmid (frequent traveler deal) which sort of restricts me. El Al is the easiest for me to fly, because the food is more kosher, and it has service in JFK.

Yes, I've written about this before. It's troubling me, so I'm being repetitive. Sorry


Leora said...

the food is more kosherIs that like being a little pregnant? Or is it indeed possible? Anyway, your wording made me smile.

Good luck. Bargain shopping for airline flights sounds stressful.

Shabbat Shalom.

Batya said...

Thanks, the visits are stressful, just thinking about it. My kids dread what we'll be like if we reach those lofty ages.

On El Al there's always some packaged food with a hechsher, even for those who order the mehadrin. On the other airlines, there is barely water to drink.