Thursday, May 28, 2009

Must Get Ready For Shavuot

It's a two day holiday for us, too, this time. Generally, it's much easier here in Israel. We rarely have more than one day of Jewish Holiday restrictions. Only Rosh Hashannah, the Jewish New Year is two days long.

This year Shavuot falls on a Friday, meaning that Shabbat immediately follows. There will be differences in the prayers on Shabbat, between Israel and Chutz l'Aretz, but otherwise it's the same.

I have to cook and clean today.

Shavuot is a traditional learning day, day and night. More traditionally, people study Jewish texts all night. I can't handle those all-nighters any more. For the past ten years or so, we've been hosting a class in the afternoon. So I'm expecting the neighbors over to hear Rabbi Dov Berkovits, a neighbor. We don't travel on the Jewish Holidays, so everything is local.

If I don't get to post during the day,
Chag Sameach
Have a Joyful Holiday

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