Monday, May 18, 2009

Diet Support Group, Getting Better

I have four regulars now who come to my house for diet support. Each week I plan a different focus. We work on finding solutions to the others' problems in dieting, and I give "technical" information about nutrition, dieting and my own experiences.

We start with the weigh-in. I serve water and expect them to take notes. It's part of the kinesthetic learning. If you write things down in your own words, they enter your brain.

A major part of my spiel is "If I can you can." I'm no different in my diet phobias and ambivalence about losing weight. Weight loss isn't easy, and it can't, or shouldn't, be seen as some temporary diet. We each have to find the eating habits which both suit us and will keep us slimmer and healthier.

I wouldn't want to help someone who just wants to be slimmer for a one-time event. No quickie weight loss. It's better, yes healthier, to invest in a good dress-maker to design something super-flattering and comfortable.

IMHO, of course!


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Batya said...

good luck. Since you've commented before, next time, I'll start deleting you.

Unknown said...

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