Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Calling all JBloggers - Havel Havelim

I was just informed by Esser Agaroth that there's some sort of malfunction at Blog Carnival. I had been wondering why so few links for the next Havel Havelim had arrived. Even my non-jblog carnival, Blogging About Losing Weight, hasn't been filling my inbox.

So, in response, if this continues, please mail me your links, giving the same information you'd put on blog carnival, which you should try first.

shilohmuse at yahoo dot com
ps Please let other jbloggers know, thanks! This address is for this week only. The regular address for Havel Havelim is Jack,
ps Please let other jbloggers know, thanks!


Anonymous said...

I have just submitted a link to a post I wrote this morning after hearing a radio program about it (and doing a little research too).
It seemed to work on my side. Does it on yours?

Batya said...

Thanks, it's working again. A few months ago the site was down for a few days.