Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Report About The Vanilla Vodka In Coffee

Months ago, I blogged about my attempt to make homemade vanilla extract to flavor my morning coffee. Then I left you in the lurch without posting a report about its success or failure.

There's a good reason for that. I didn't try it until just now, this morning.

And the reason for that is that I kept waiting for my vanilla extract to get darker and darker, like people promised me it would. And I, also, got used to my plain Turkish coffee from the filter drip coffeemaker.

Then for some reason, maybe because the vanilla in vodka extract was finally rescued from the attic, where it had been stored with the chametz (forbidden on Passover) liquors. So this morning I decided to add some to the water in my coffeemaker.

Nu, well, they say that the alcohol in the vodka loses effect after being cooked/boiled. I don't think that the water gets all that hot for long enough in the coffeemaker, so... yes... I can taste and smell the vodka in my coffee. By the time I finished my first giant mug of coffee, I realized that I had better do something to the coffee before I drink the second one. So I heated cup #2 in the microwave and hope that does the trick, or I'll be more high than energetic this morning.


Barbie Brown said...

I never heard of Vanilla Vodka Coffee. I like your experiment with coffee and vanilla vodka.I think the taste of vanilla vodka coffee will be great. I will try this today to know the exact taste of it, does the coffee has vodka flavor with it or not. I like to enjoy my vanilla vodka coffee with my Cohiba cigar.

Batya said...

Honestly, I'd prefer more vanilla and less vodka. It's to wake me up, not relax me.