Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Kind Of Place

We don't have cars, not even one. I prefer public transportation and my husband was never a driver. Here we're rather Don Quixote that we never say that we'd rather have a car. In principle, I believe that there should be public transportation.

So, I enjoyed reading about this German town that functions perfectly well sans private cars. It's so much healthier to walk, cycle etc. Kids who grow up providing their own "locomotion" benefit their entire life.

At times I'm horrified to see what short distances neighbors drive themselves and their kids. They're not even saving time, from unlocking the doors to turning on the motor, then driving, stopping, getting out and locking up again, it's really no faster than walking.

When public transportation won't suffice, then we pay someone. And here in Shiloh we can supplement those two methods with "tremps" or hitchhiking. And of course, if there were many fewer private cars there would be more public transportation. It's a business of sorts and a reflection on supply and demand.


BB said...

Although in theory I totally agree with you in practice I'm one of those who drives short distances. There is a very good reason for it. Usually it happens when I'm with my three kids. Although it's a pain to buckle them all in their carseats and it takes at least 5 minutes, it's a lot easier and therefore faster than walking with them. They can daydream or walk the wrong way. Sometimes they are tired and won't walk anymore. Sometimes my middle child who is three wants to sit in the stroller instead of my seven month old. So many problems can arise. When I'm pressed for time and don't want everyone wandering off, I usually take the car to make my life easier. Yea, I know it's rotten for the environment but as the weather gets better I'll be doing it less and walking just to give the kids something to do.

Batya said...

BB, my kids were raised walking and taking buses. I didn't have a car, so their behavior suited our lives. I calculated time to look at plants and teach them the letters on the signs.

That was our life. If you have no choice or it's important to you, your kids will learn to enjoy it.