Thursday, January 20, 2005

2nd try for part 2 of 18-1 psalms, ecclesiastes

I wrote it up so nicely last night, and then it got swollowed not saved, so here goes:

We're still on T'hilim Psalms 34, 5
King David's telling us that everything's needed and nothing's wasted even/especially prayers. Frequently people get frustrated and depressed when they've prayed for something and didn't get their wish from G-d. There are those who even "lose their faith" because G-d didn't make the miracle they demanded.

A few years ago in a terrorist attack near Shiloh, an Arab terrorist threw a heavy stone on a car and it crushed the skull of the baby inside. For about a week people all over the world prayed for the recovery of Yehuda Chaim ben Batsheva. Then he died of his injuries. So many beautiful, sincere prayers were said; what happened to them?

Not long after, Benny, his father, was contacted by someone abroad. This man told him that his baby son had been seriously ill, and the doctors offered no hope whatsoever. Then miraculously he made a full recovery; his name was Yehuda Chaim ben Batsheva.

Nothing is lost; nothing is wasted. We just don't understand G-d's accounting system.


6- You can see on a person's face if he has faith in G-d. There's a radience, a serenity.
7- The poor has no demands, and G-d will rescue him from trouble.

I have to take a break, must get the cooking started.

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