Saturday, January 01, 2005

a place to pray, Ezrat Nashim in Egged

Now, before I get started, I'll just translate for those who are confused, trying to figure out what this is about. An "Ezrat Nashim" is the room, or curtained off area of a synagogue, where women can pray. According to Jewish Law, men and women must pray separately. Prayer is not a social time, and it's much easier to pray without the distractions of the opposite sex.

Egged is the name of the Israeli bus company that transports to most of the country, including Jerusalem. The newly built Central Bus Station in Jerusalem has a synagogue, but there isn't any Ezrat Nashim. Females of all ages, who need to pray (there are set times during the day for the three prayers) are forced to find corners and walls to face, not very dignified, and excruciatingly distracting.

I recently discovered that I wasn't alone with this problem. More information can be found on:
If anyone else has been looking for the Ezrat Nashim in Egged Jerusalem, please contact us with your story.

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