Thursday, January 20, 2005

Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, 18-1

this will make more sense if you refer to a Bible

We're in chapter 4 and quickly reviewed 14-6
There are always changes, rebellions and revolutions. Human nature.
17- "watch your feet." Be careful, what's your purpose, your goal; focus on that. That reminded me of the Dovrat Commission that instead of researching how to improve education, the foundation, fundamentals, they waste their time reconstruction--hevel, norishkeit!
Things can't be easily repaired once you take them apart.

Chapter 5, 1
Careful what you say--G-d's listening. Careful how you critcize, build or destroy. G-d's there, too.
Say bare minimum; look for only the nice things.
2- Sometimes when things look awful, you just have to take a step back; look at it from another angle, and things will look much better.
3- nedarim vows, emotional impulsivity of people. We must watch our words, filter before they leave the mouth. In masechet nedarim it says that by making an oath, we are building a tabernacle straight to G-d and it can't be separated or destroyed.
4- even if you're sure you can fulfill it, it's better to say "bli neder," not a vow, since we don't know if our circumstances will suddenly change.
5-6 before saying anything, think, remember, G-d sees and hears everything.
G-d's in charge.

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