Sunday, January 30, 2005

finally, continuing Psalms and Ecclesiastes 25-1

It helps to have a Bible handy.

Part 1 ended with "There's a fine line between laziness and being satisfied with the minimum."

T'hilim 34, 10
Yirei Hashem are those who work hard, revere/love/fear G-d
"yiru," Pronounced as if no alef
Look/fear same letters
Seeing something brings an intellectual comprehension that gives the fear of G-d. The final resul is a proper comprehension. Truly seeing, comprehending is fearing G-d. People who go against G-d are punished.

Now Kohelet, Ecclesiastes 5, 7 connected to what we learned in t'hilim
This pasook (sentence) describes a situation like the anarchy we have today. The oppression of the poor and the supression of justice and right...
A terrible situation and people ask where's G-d.
On Shabbat we heard Tzvi Hendel, the Ichud Le'umi Kneset member from Gush Katif, talk about the constant miracles and lives saved despite the bombs. There are miracles, and G-d is working hard.
But there are things, apparently that we have to fix. The tzedek and mishpat are our responsiblities. Justice, law, righteousness.
The situation makes people lose faith in G-d. Personally, I haven't lost my faith in G-d, but I don't trust human judgement.

G-d wants us to do things, not out of fear of punishment. WE're not like other religions that control people through fear of "hell-fire" etc.
G-d wants us to understand, to do things not because of a fear of punishment.
We must use our minds to understand the ways of G-d. Don't be surprised by/at the facts, what's going on, reality. Don't lose faith. Dont' demand, expect perfection.
G-d sees things differently. Reminded me of what I told to a student who thought I should have chastised his friend the way I did to him. I told him that I have other ways of dealing with __.
In principle, G-d does not give out immediate punishment, (nor reward.) It gives people a chance to change, do tshuva.

8- "The advantage of land is supreme; even a king is indebted to the soil." What timing. considering the politics going on. A king is dependent on his land. What sick perverse thinking is going on in Sharon's mind? And all the leftists, like a national anerexia; they're trying to die, commit suicide. One can't survive without land, agriculture, industry.
(I discovered that I had done my needlepoint in the wrong direction and lost the train of the talk as I tried to take it apart.)
land gives the food or we're destroyed. (Tzvi Hendel told us of the massive agricultural industry in Gush Katif.)

9-Who ever loves money will never be satisfied.. It's good to want "more" but not to make it the main aim in life.
kinah, jealousy, can be used in the right proportions for the good, if it insprires someone to work harder and not be lazy. We must use it to establish self-knowledge, to improve oneself, or it can be bad. It's up to us.

Use all your talents throughout your life, different times, different talents. Everyone's different. Some work harder so they can give more to others.
Everyone should be held to a different standard according to his own abilities and needs. Don't compare.

That's it for this week, or actually last week.
Shavua tov, Have a good week.

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