Tuesday, January 25, 2005


smooth sounds
of Glenn Miller
don't make them
like they used to

that has been
the sounds
listening to
the last few days

have a special
cassette for dovening
and another I put on
in my bedroom for falling asleep

different music
for different tasks

old '50's early '60's
for moving fast
burn those calories

bought Carmen
one year
to clean for Pesach

the music
of my youth and teens
restores energy

not the words
rhythm, sounds

jumping in my chair

now ready to slide on the ice
if there was any
or just slink to the kitchen

good energy from
Diaspora Yeshiva
great mood from Frankie
Beatles, fun memories
dreamy bands

must force myself up
nothing like
listening to good, old sounds

more cheerful now
must take advantage

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