Thursday, January 20, 2005

part 3 of who knows how many 18-1

I should really be in the kitchen, but....

T'hilim, Psalms, 34, 8 (It's worth following with the text)
We have special protection, thank G-d, from G-d. And we should recognize it and thank Him all the time. All of us who have benifited know what I mean, and we hear more miraculous stories on the news, Baruch Hashem. I wish we didn't need that protection, but if we need it, G-d should give us what we need.
Every mitzvah we do gives us a heavenly defender.
Psalms 91, 7 One thousand to the left and 10,000 to the right. G-d takes care of us.

34, 9 ta'amu ur'u taste and look. My immediate reaction was a strong kinestetic learning! That's the physical, participatory learning style. The reason (among the reasons) the British princes and their friends are oblivious to the damage the Nazis did to Britain itself, is that everything was repaired. (I even checked this with a friend of my generation who was raised there.) British youth are not educated in any way of the precarious position their country was in just over 60 years ago. It's not in the curriculum; there are no preserved Blitz landmarks, and entertainment makes a joke out of the war, "Dad's Army."
We have similar problems here. Pre 1967, many Israelis had no idea, no identification, with the ancient, historical, holy cities they had no access to, so they weren't excited about their liberation during the war. And we still have the reprecussions of the same lack of "ta'amu ur'u."
Don't leave it all as theory. To identify one must experience, taste it, feel it, physically. For many a visit to concetration camps gives that. For some of us, just reading's enough.

must get back in the kitchen
next part Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

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