Tuesday, January 18, 2005

T'hilim, Psalms, Kohelet, Ecclesiastes 18-1-05

It's a good idea to have a Bible to help follow my notes.

T'hilim 34, 5
The Hebrew verb ldrosh is used. In mondern Hebrew, it's a harsh, agressive word, meaning "to demand." But in the Bible it was gentler, meaning to seak out, to expect G-d.
Everyone can make some sort of contact with G-d to get answers.
magur means terror, fear.
David said that G-d kept him from being a prisoner of his fear.

When G-d told Shmuel the Prophet to go to Beit Lechem and find another king, because Saul was so horrendous, Shmuel answered that he was afraid that Saul would have him killed. G-d got angry at the answer, reminding him that it's only G-d who decides death. Unnecessary, needless fears.

So David reminds us that everything that exists is needed, even the things we don't want or consider useless or bad. There's a use.
In the end it's all good.

more tomorrow, I'm too cold.

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