Thursday, January 06, 2005

more T'hilim and Kohelet

I was feeling lazy about transcribing it, but then I took a look at the next line, and I figured that I shouldn't delay another minute! I'll muse later.

T'hilim, Psalms, 33, 16
"A king is not saved by a great army, nor is a hero rescued by great strength." Wow! Just what the doctor (the true one) ordered. David was constantly persued by King Saul. King Saul was supposed to be going after the Philinstines who were trying to distroy us/the People of Israel. Instead he spent his time trying to destroy David on his hill tops. "Nothing's new." Today we see the same miss-placed priorities.
Physical strength doesn't garrantee anything.
We must stop thinking that the body is everything. Like the Greeks vs the Macabees. There's more than physical strength.
17 The power of the horse doesn't give victory. The horse would be the weapons, tanks, money etc. You should check the sites that shows the soldiers trying to get the Jews out of that little neighborhood in Yitzhar. So many soldiers after a few civilians and trailers. Why aren't they after the terrorists?
gibor and koach sus are not the same, that's heroism and horse power.
In Pirkei Avot Ethics of the Fathers, a gibor is considered one who can control his desires. That's heroism and courage. We have to use the strength on ourselves and not be a bully and not control others.
18 G-d will be with us if we follow him.
19 depressing, Nissan said that it's like those who are very sick, or so badly injured their lives are very difficult.. Starving but not dead.
G-d doesn't do "revealed miracles." That's what nature's for. Earthquakes, evil people, defects. Our job is to correct the defect. We shouldn't accpte it. G-d won't correct it.
Even when G-d interferes it must look like nature, like how people try the prove that the splitting of the Red Sea must have had been an act of nature, should be able to explain it.
People prefer lying to themselves rather than admitting G-d's power.
Shmuel 1, 5, 7 When the Holy Ark was captured, it seemed to have a "life of its own." Since it wasn't with the right people, they couldn't hold it. They kept trying all sorts of tricks, techniques, hoping against all logic that they'd find a way to keep it.
Our Land was desolate until the Jews returned.
The end of the chapter repeats a frequent theme, that David hopes that there will be joy in exchange for the suffering endured. Like we suffered, we should celebrate.

Kohelet, Eccleliastes
The last line of chapter 4 really goes with the next few lines. The chapter divisions were done by the Christians, and don't always make sense. Nissan, whose own story is no secret, claims that some of these bad divisions were on purpose so people wouldn't understand the message.
4, 17 Watch yourself, check yourself before approaching G-d, praying. According to Jewish law, one can't pray if one needs to "eliminate." Must go to the toilet first. Prepare the physical for the spiritual. Yes, for and before.

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