Wednesday, January 26, 2005


bli eyin haraa, I'll start the update about what I learned in T'hilim and Kohelet either later tonight or tomorrow; sorry about the delay. And you notice that I started with bli neder, because that's what we were taught, afterwards is too late.

There are all sorts of cycles. When I was little, my parents didn't have much money, and there wasn't much money for clothes. I remember getting clothes that I had to grow into, and by the time I did, they looked awful; I had worn them out. When my kids were little, I had little money, and there wasn't much to buy here in Israel. By then my parents were financially comfortable, and my mother really enjoyed haunting the better children's clothing shops and getting things on sale for "next year."
And where was I today? Shopping for Hallelie at the sales for "next year." Children's clothes here are now gorgeous and reasonably priced. And I can afford to buy them, Baruch Hashem.

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