Friday, January 14, 2005


water leaking
from under the washing machine
service doesn't visit

maybe it's just the connection
must experiment
no patience
for fighting
with company

worse than
closing tap
when machine off


wendy said...

Oh no! our washer was leaking recently. After a few bad floods we found that the pipe that fed water from the machine to the pipes in the house was coming loose. A bit of wire to hold it in place, and back in business. Now, if we cold just figure out why the dryer needs two cycles to finish each load...Hope your problem is as simple.

Batya said...

I hope that's it. In the meantime, I've been turning off the faucet when not laundering. Thanks

Moze said...

Shilo doesn't get service people? That shouldn't surprise me, but it does. I thought you guys had all the conveniences of a big yishuv--better bus service, lots of tramps, people from Jerusalem actually willing to come out to you...

Maybe someone could convince one of the official Yesha sites to start a listing of service people who are willing to come out to us, along the lines of the Avodah Ivrit idea.

Batya said...

Plenty of private people come, but there are problems with the big service agencies. Crystal is horrid. First they wouldn't deliver; then they found someone to deliver but not install, so they gave instructions on the phone. Then there were problems, and they finally sent a private guy, and then more problems. And for the past two and a half years, bli eyin haraa, the machine's fine. I dread ever dealing with them again.

and yes, I DID MAKE SERVICE IN SHILOH A CONDITION ON BUYING. But of course the sales guy was sure..... He did help me finally get the service I got, but they never sent a renewal contract.