Wednesday, January 26, 2005

T'hilim, Psalms, Kohelet, Ecclesiastes 25-1

Just a reminder--refer to the text to fully understand my notes, and I'm sorry if I'm not clear enough. You can ask questions via the comments. I meant the recording of my notes to be interactive.

Psalms 34, 9
We're still discussing litome, taste. I'm still convinced it's like kinestitic learning, but Ibn Ezra, Radk and ? say it's intellectual.
First we must understand the ways of G-d. If a person only goes by emotion, he must also have intellectual understanding of how G-d runs the world.
yichaseh bo, lachsot baHashem taking refuge in G-d.
Dvarim, Deuteronomy, 8, 17-20 Remember, G-d gives energy, strength, power, talents and we mustn't waste it. G-d gives as he promised to our forefathers, but if we abandom Him, we will be punished. We must remember that everything we have is from G-d. G-d gives according to what we do.
G-d was pushed away from this world by Adam, the first man, but our forefathers brought Him back, and it's our job to keep Him here with us.
G-d created enough food, but there are those who waste it, that's why there's starvation. It's not G-d's fault. Hoarding is a waste; it shows lack of faith.

10 kidushav people who manage with the minimum. ra'av those who revere G-d. There's a very fine line between laziness and being satisfied with a minimum.

Sorry, but I'm really too tired to continue tonight.

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