Thursday, January 20, 2005


answering Sara Smile's comment

Fennel, shumar, must be North African, because Tunisians and Moroccans relate to it the way New Yorkers relate to celery, or even better, because they do a lot more with it than what I've seen done to celery. It's crunchy like celery, but a licorice taste, and there are fine leaves like dill, which is shamir in Hebrew.

According to my now Tunisian daughter, you should let it sit/marinate in lemon juice and spices, then you eat it. Pre-bisli, it was a nosh. Oy, how nutrition has deteriorated.....

I cut it up in salads, cook, saute, it with the vegetables, Chinese style's great. You can put it in soup. I understand that it's really healthy.

Any other ideas?

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