Sunday, January 16, 2005

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Well, Wendy, you guessed wrong.

It hadn't come yet, and it was one of those days when it came late. There's a forty minute time spread between earliest and latest, since we're towards the end of along route on that line, at that time of the day. And it seemed more and more likely that this was to be one of those time-wasters. So, we waited and waited.

The young woman was getting more and more nervous and started asking how long the trip took. "By when will we get to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station?" "No guaranteed time" was the answer.

Finally the bus came, and she pushed, lugged her bag into the baggage compartment under the bus. She sat in the front, near the driver. I was only a couple of seats behind her, close enough to hear.

continued in a little while, so you can guess further, if you wish....

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