Monday, January 31, 2005

wins the prize

not the type of prize
I'd want
a record-breaking night
the longest ever
I think
it ever took
to get home
from work

over two hours
for a twenty minute

one hour waiting, freezing
in Beit El
no rides north

then finally
a ride to Ofra
then got the
free bus to Shiloh
one problem,
one minor problem
it was via Maaleh Levona and Eli

and the driver
yelled at me
called me "mefuneket"
when I told him
he should have warned me
or I never would have gotten in

he yelled at me
the weak creep
he doesn't have the guts
to work and travel like I do

I told him to keep quiet
and cut it out
and he said:
"If you have problems at home, lady
keep it there."
Wow! Was that guy projecting

wonder what he's running away from

but, Baruch Hashem,
a young man
drove me up the hill
straight to my door

there are gentlemen
in this world


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